How it works

Snaptext Works on Android 2.2 up to the latest Android smarphones
“Hey, I left you a voicemail. Did you get it?”

“I never check my voicemail anymore, just text me next time.”

That’s where Snaptext comes in. If you call someone, and they don’t answer, Snaptext pops up allowing you to quickly send messages with 1 touch.

Stop typing out redundant messages you will probably use the rest of your life.


The days of voicemails are numbered. Most of us never check our mailboxes. When somebody doesn’t pick up our phone calls, the first thing we do is text them right back. That is why Snaptext gives us the option to text that person immediately after hanging up.


Here are some screenshots of Snaptext in action.

  Intro Screen  After Call Ends, This Pops Up

 Click here to see additional screenshots.

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